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Resting Place



This past weekend we were preparing for the arrival of our new grandson, Jakob Layten. Knowing that his older brother Samuel would be spending a couple nights with us we needed to make some sleeping arrangements. Sam’s propensity for sleeping in my bed was cute but now had become a needed adjustment. At nearly two years of age, it was either him or me, and so fortunately for me, he had to make other arrangements! Read more…

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Love Your Haters




I recently shared a message with our church that I simply called, Love Your Haters, available on CD and DVD. In the message, I took the time to help redefine the overuse of words like enemy and/or hater. Additionally, I tried to “deglamorize” the notion of having enemies.

It occurs to me that having enemies is not a necessarily good thing nor is it glamorous. David pleaded with God, “Don’t let my enemies triumph over me!” (Psalm 41.11) And yet, it seems that even some preachers have gotten into the “hateration” hype of seemingly appearing almost happy about adding more and more people to their list of so called enemies. Read more…

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