Your Miracle Awaits You!



I took another look at the woman that Jesus called a dog! Yep! He called the lady a dog…fighting words for most of us. While the term dog was generally used in reference to Gentiles or non Jews it still is not a compliment. The Lord basically told the woman from Canaan that her request for healing for her daughter was inappropriate; that He was currently only ministering to the Jews and He referred to healing as the “children’s bread”. This is where my respect for this desperate, screaming, crying woman begins to escalate. Resisting the temptation to walk off in indignation, out of desperation she connects to the child in all of us. Continue reading…

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Resting Place



This past weekend we were preparing for the arrival of our new grandson, Jakob Layten. Knowing that his older brother Samuel would be spending a couple nights with us we needed to make some sleeping arrangements. Sam’s propensity for sleeping in my bed was cute but now had become a needed adjustment. At nearly two years of age, it was either him or me, and so fortunately for me, he had to make other arrangements! Continue reading…

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